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This flower shaped confetti contains flower seeds that grow into wildflowers. It is hand made and biodegradable so it leaves no waste. Via

This is actually kinda perfect for outdoor weddings omg


John Francis Daley 1999 vs 2013


'FOOD MAPS' - Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin map the world’s most famous foods.

Brooklyn-based photographer Henry Hargreaves (check out this amazing Tumblr!) and food stylist Caitlin Levinmotivated by a passion for travel, have created ‘Food Maps’, a playful cartography series of geographical locations made out of the iconic foods that best represent them. Painstakingly crafted with real, unadulterated food, the silhouettes are packed with edible materials — corn in various forms fills the United States, vibrantly colored kiwis compose New Zealand and biscuit bits build the United Kingdom.


Presenting a perfect pairing of prints: The Wineries of Sonoma and Wineries of Napa maps, each plotting over 500 and 700 spots, respectively. Available individually or as a set in a custom-made double-display frame, these full-bodied cartographic masterpieces are 20% off for the next 24 hours only.


The making of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)



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03.14.14 /00:34/ 1858
~   Dom Pérignon after inventing champagne (via aesthesos)
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